I am Different . . . I am Unique !

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I loved you with my heart,
I loved you with my soul,
But the world kept us apart,
And gave my heart a painful hole…

My life is short and I will die,
But just once, can’t I say good bye..?
I want to look in your eyes,
And say “don’t cry...”

I know I won’t find you,
You are thousand miles away.
Can’t these borders be erased?
Just for today?

I remember the day,
When you went away,
To fight with bullets and guns,
To run with pouring blood n wounds,
As if they were your companions.

I could sense something wrong,
Unaware of the unlucky star.
My senses proved me right,
You were among the prisoners of war...

My tears went dry,
And my fears started to cry,
I didn’t know whether,
You would live or die...

And now my life is on its verge,
Life is slowly drowning,
And death is waiting to emerge.
My last wish is that you come to my funeral,
And sing me a dirge…


You held my hand and made me walk,
You prompted words so that I could talk…

You stood with me when others made spaces,
You prepared me for life and its races…
You pointed fingers when I was wrong,
With you life seemed to be an earthy song…

You became the boat that helped me sail through troubles,
You gave me the courage to rebuild the broken rubbles…

You sacrificed your dreams so that I could see them,
You gave up your comfort and kept it in a hem…

As the time walked its path,
It seemed to have taken you in its wrath…
With every step you lost your vigor,
You couldn’t recollect thoughts that used to trigger…

You started forgetting incidents that you were supposed to stay,
But ‘Alzheimer’ was the reason which distanced you away…

The kith and kin used to come and go,
But for you, they were people whom you didn’t even know…
You kept on gazing and tried to recollect who they were,
But your memory had dampened and had become blur…

But that day was not like any other,
I went to you but you pushed me with a shudder,
My fears had now turned into a flooder,
And I asked you-
‘Don’t you remember me mother?’


I waited for twelve long years,
For you to come and wipe away my tears...

Every passing moment took away a part of my soul,
Happiness had faded
And sorrow was on the roll…

And then one day,
I saw you coming,
Music filled my heart
And kept on strumming…

I ran towards you,
To touch you, to feel you,But you stopped me midway
And silently took a step away…

I grabbed your hand
And drew you close,
Your breath seemed to heal all my woes…

I took off the veil from your face,
But you tried to hide something,
That you didn’t want me to trace…

And when I saw you, ‘You’ were not ‘you’ anymore,
For you face was burnt to the core…

You struggled to get away,
But I wanted you to stay…
You then asked me-
“Will you accept me this way”?
“Love binds hearts and not faces”
That was what I had to say…