I am Different . . . I am Unique !

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I waited for twelve long years,
For you to come and wipe away my tears...

Every passing moment took away a part of my soul,
Happiness had faded
And sorrow was on the roll…

And then one day,
I saw you coming,
Music filled my heart
And kept on strumming…

I ran towards you,
To touch you, to feel you,But you stopped me midway
And silently took a step away…

I grabbed your hand
And drew you close,
Your breath seemed to heal all my woes…

I took off the veil from your face,
But you tried to hide something,
That you didn’t want me to trace…

And when I saw you, ‘You’ were not ‘you’ anymore,
For you face was burnt to the core…

You struggled to get away,
But I wanted you to stay…
You then asked me-
“Will you accept me this way”?
“Love binds hearts and not faces”
That was what I had to say…