I am Different . . . I am Unique !

Saturday, December 1, 2012

When you Left ..

It was Wednesday,
Just another day of July,
You sang to yourself
And I knew you were high!

“Let me drive”, was what you said,
Without paying heed to me,
You drove the car instead.

“You’re drunk!” I shouted,
You made fun of me and pouted.

Your senses had abandoned you,
Your gestures seemed grimy.
And when you picked up speed,
The car became shimmy.

It was an easy departure for you it seemed,
You lost control when the truck’s headlight beamed.

I lost you right then and there,
Broke some of my bones,
And just headed for despair.

All that you have left me now,
Is a small building made of stone,
It’s not a home anymore,
Cuz I live there all alone.

The whispers of the wind,
Do brush through my ears.
The silent emotions buried deep inside,
Trickle down as tears.

Nobody comes to sit beside me,
When I weep under the willow.
For the world, I might be asleep,
But I still cry under the pillow…

Friday, November 23, 2012


Never knew what Light was,
Its meaning,
I couldn't find.
A plain simple color
That guides my being,
And people call me ‘Blind’

I wonder why they
Look down upon ‘Black’,
Why is it always maligned?
A plain simple color
That guides my being,
And people call me ‘Blind’

Black embraces all with open arms,
Nobody’s a winner and
No one’s behind,
A plain simple color
That guides my being,
And people call me ‘Blind’

What is there to see
in the World of Colors?
Where the spectrum of Thoughts,
Remain un-aligned,
A plain simple color
That guides my being,
And people call me ‘Blind’

‘Darkness’ is what, you believe it to be,
It resides in the nooks of your mind,
A plain simple color
That guides my being,
And then You call me ‘Blind!'

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Cuz I know you'll read it Someday!

The leaves that died
waiting for you,
The winds that
changed course,
The dust that coagulated itself,
Around the windows and doors…

It has been so long,
And you might not know,
Little Henry has grown tall.
I wish you could see him holding your hand
And say – “I’ll catch you when you fall”

Whiskey still sniffs around you,
In the hope that you might wake up.
And I wonder how charming you look everyday,
Even without that filthy make-up.

It has been one year now,
Since you fell from the top floor,
Okay, it’s not exactly a year,
But today is 364!

The doc says there’s not much hope,
And tomorrow, they’ll take you away.
But I’m gonna keep this letter in your pocket,
Cuz I know you’ll read it Someday!

Monday, September 3, 2012

It’s more than Just a Drink!

I had always wanted a father,
And not a staggering man. 
I always wanted a dad,

Who wouldn’t fail to stand,
Alas, I got someone who swayed with the wind’s stride,
And I had dreamt of having a father,
A strong shield, behind whom, I could hide.

I was never born to abhor you,
But my love for you started to die.
Had you chosen me over your addiction,
Then I wouldn’t have to cry.

I thrashed, I sniveled, I pleaded you to let go,
But you never bothered about me,
And gulped the liquor with a steady flow.

Even though I have you,
I still miss being a daughter,
For you won’t be there to protect me;
I am always up for slaughter.

When you fumble,
Think of the times,
You taught me how to speak.
When you stumble,
Remember how you sustained me,
When my legs were weak.

Please be a dad to me,
Be a man of pride,
Be someone, I can look up to,
And not someone,
Who’s bogged down by BEER’s tide.