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Friday, December 10, 2010


You held me close to you
When the world kept me away,
You kept me in your womb,
Even though I wasn’t supposed to stay.

‘Illegitimate’, was the name,
That was given to me,
But you called me ‘son’,
Despite of the darkened spree.

I could see you crying
When tears escaped my eyes,
I could hear you prying,
When my decisions were not wise.

You gave me all the love and care,
But now that you are leaving me,
Do you think it’s fair?

It’s not that I am not happy
To see you happy again,
But why did you bring me here,
Was I worth the pain?

I know you’ll forget me
As soon as you have a replacement,
But just think about me, mother,
How can I forget the times,
That we had spent?

“I will not accept that boy”,
That’s what your new husband said,
I am glad that you didn’t see me that day,
And neither my tear soaked bed.

But let me tell you mother,
This small stay with you
Was all that I wanted,
For now the fear of losing you,
Won’t keep me daunted.

I wish that you remain happy forever,
And I promise you,
That you’ll see me never…

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