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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

..And He Killed Them

Under the blissful sunset and the slight brisk of breeze, Oscar played on terrace. He kept lifting his leg to sprinkle water over the dried surface. Not paying much attention to him, I worked on my laptop, thinking about the academic courses and their entrances.
Oscar has a pressing habit of sniffing around every iota of his surroundings but the sad part was that I let him sniff the place, he shouldn’t have sniffed.
I, being too engrossed with my work, didn’t notice that my dog was making his way under the water tanks; he was struggling to reach the corner of that little space that reserved two lives.
Suddenly I heard screeches, desperate cries of newborn animals. Confusion clouded me and so I scanned the whole place but couldn’t find Oscar. My heart gave a thud when I realized that my dog was beneath the water tank, doing something brutal to ‘some-ones’.
I called him out, angrily; I tried to bring him back but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t make him stop killing those two small kittens that were crying for help.
And then they stopped crying, Oscar had done his bit by shredding them into bits. The moment breezed past me within seconds making me helpless.
 And then I realized that I was scared. I was scared to physically stop my dog because I knew he would bite me. I was so engrossed in my pain that I let those kittens shriek before entering the mouth of death. The thought of choosing myself over the muted beings, destroyed me completely. I had lost.
Later, I realized while I was scared of my dog, I was also scared for him. I didn’t want him to fall sick while he was biting into the kittens.  That was the most shameful thought, I had thought of at that time. But now as I think over it, I don’t find it as shameful as I had once thought of it to be because Oscar is my person, he is my dog.
 Anybody would first think of his family and then the rest and that’s what I did. With this, I also realized that I am a very petite human, confined into the cages of selfishness. I became small; the eyes that looked at me from within had suddenly closed.
I called up the Vet and narrated the incident. He told me to give a bath to my dog and prescribed a few injections. And so I cleansed him off the blood of two innocent souls. I also murmured few words of softness to him, so that he wouldn’t bite me. Yet again, I was scared but I couldn’t help.
People say you can wash your sins in Ganga. I wonder whether it’s true.
For me, one can never wash his sins. If he could, then washing sins with one’s tears or with tap water or Ganga, would mean the same. I felt the same too.
Though I didn’t have stains to wash off but the scars will remain. My fear engulfed two lives today.

He didn’t kill them; he killed me … 

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