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Monday, September 3, 2012

It’s more than Just a Drink!

I had always wanted a father,
And not a staggering man. 
I always wanted a dad,

Who wouldn’t fail to stand,
Alas, I got someone who swayed with the wind’s stride,
And I had dreamt of having a father,
A strong shield, behind whom, I could hide.

I was never born to abhor you,
But my love for you started to die.
Had you chosen me over your addiction,
Then I wouldn’t have to cry.

I thrashed, I sniveled, I pleaded you to let go,
But you never bothered about me,
And gulped the liquor with a steady flow.

Even though I have you,
I still miss being a daughter,
For you won’t be there to protect me;
I am always up for slaughter.

When you fumble,
Think of the times,
You taught me how to speak.
When you stumble,
Remember how you sustained me,
When my legs were weak.

Please be a dad to me,
Be a man of pride,
Be someone, I can look up to,
And not someone,
Who’s bogged down by BEER’s tide.

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