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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Cuz I know you'll read it Someday!

The leaves that died
waiting for you,
The winds that
changed course,
The dust that coagulated itself,
Around the windows and doors…

It has been so long,
And you might not know,
Little Henry has grown tall.
I wish you could see him holding your hand
And say – “I’ll catch you when you fall”

Whiskey still sniffs around you,
In the hope that you might wake up.
And I wonder how charming you look everyday,
Even without that filthy make-up.

It has been one year now,
Since you fell from the top floor,
Okay, it’s not exactly a year,
But today is 364!

The doc says there’s not much hope,
And tomorrow, they’ll take you away.
But I’m gonna keep this letter in your pocket,
Cuz I know you’ll read it Someday!


  1. COMMENDABLE JOB SREE!! what a theme!! seriously, what a flawless work..

    Keep it up

  2. Thank you Lats. You know what, it means a lot :)